Exploring the spirit of America through the spirit of America.

Catoctin Creek Craft Whiskey Distillery in Virginia

Exploring the spirit of America through the spirit of America.

Exploring the spirit of America through the spirit of America.

Exploring the spirit of America through the spirit of America.

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North Carolina - Defiant
Missouri - Square One
Illinois - Koval & Few Spirits
Maryland - Lyon Distilling

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What is 50 States of Whiskey?

We are a small media team, travelling the country in search of the best craft whiskeys in the United States. Originally, we set out to
explore the world of craft whiskey to satisfy our own personal desires for adventure. Years later this project has snow-balled into something far more important: giving a voice to the little guys.

 What you see here is a self-funded project with a three goals: support small businesses and small distilleries across the country by providing free advertising (which craft distilleries desperately need), promote local spending (vs spending on huge corporations), and hopefully entertain some folks along the way. We have a created a web series that highlights small craft distilleries and explains how each craft distillery is unique to the state in which it operates.

With every episode in our web series you'll get a few things - we will talk a little bit about the history of distilling in each state. We will sit down with distillers and learn what drives them, hear their story about how and why they chose to get themselves involved in the wonderful world of craft distilling, and learn about what makes them and their spirit unique. Will we taste the whiskey? Of course we will taste the whiskey. It's whiskey. Lastly, our resident bartender will custom make a craft cocktail for each distillery. The cocktails are easy to make and delicious. We make our cocktails with simple ingredients so that you can make them too without having to hunt down some obscure ingredient. Cocktails are made to be consumed, not stressed over.

What is Craft Whiskey

What is it? Great question. We can and have spent hours over explaining every minute detail of craft whiskey and craft distilleries, but I will spare you for now. Here is what, in our humble opinion, the five things that make craft distillers, craft distillers.

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